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What my Customers Say

Kate has walked my dog Bean for over five years now. She has the most brilliant way with dogs. Bean actually probably prefers her to me. When ever we go away She happily goes off with Kate in her van wagging her tail. I cant tell you what piece of mind this gives me. She loves Bean as I love Bean. She gave me brilliant advice when we then went on to choose another dog to join our family. Both my dogs adore her and I have no worries if we are away. Brilliant.
Caroline Edwards (Bean & Bear)
Kate has looked after both my dogs on numerous occasions providing a friendly, professional, trustworthy service. Going the extra mile to ensure both myself and my pets are happy every visit. Kate shows true passion for her job and I always feel happy knowing they are in good hands when I am away.
Jema Scarrott
Kate came highly recommended to us via a work colleague who had used here several times so we were instantly confident that our cats would be safe and well looked after.

We previously had a very reliable neighbour to take care of our cats, but with an imminent move, we had to seek alternative arrangements for them over the Christmas week as felt with the move it would be too stressful for them to go to a cattery and being house cats too, it may be too much of a shock to them being outside all day!

On meeting Kate to discuss arrangements at our home, I immediately felt at ease with her friendly and caring personality and knew that she would take care to look after them.

We even had a text from Kate and ‘cats’ on Christmas Day to say all was well which was very reassuring.

On our return to our home it was just as we had left it, no mess to attend to and the cats were their usual selves, sleeping on the beds!!

Kate – we thank you so very very much and would love to use your services again for Christmas 2015 so please leave us a space in your diary and hopefully again for a week in the summer too.

Deb, Brian (Logan & Sooty)
Kate has been walking Lola, our 6yr old chocolate Labrador for 5 years.

Kate is always friendly, trustworthy, professional and 100% committed to making sure Lola has a great time on her walk.

Sometimes due to work/family commitments I will send Kate a text in the morning asking for a last minute walk and no matter what Kate will always make sure Lola is taken out.

Lola is always very happy to see Kate when she comes to collect her. Kate comes in to walk Lola 3 times a week, I don’t know what we’d do without her. I know Lola is in very safe hands when she is with Kate.

The Dean Family
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