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1) The Owner must complete the booking form as accurately and honestly as possible to allow Walk n Stay to make the right judgement for the suitability of walking your pet or house siting. Owners must declare to the best of their knowledge if their pet is likely to cause harm or injury to themselves, staff and members of the public or another animal. Failure on the part of Owner to disclose any matter, which might render Owner’s pet unsuitable, will be deemed a material omission amounting to a fundamental breach of this agreement. The booking form contains the entire agreement between Owner and Walk n Stay.


2) Please note that dogs are walked in groups and socialised, whilst the utmost care and control will be taken, please be aware that incidents can occur.


3) Please note we are sorry but we are unable to house sit or walk while bitches are in season. Owners are asked to keep in mind the season due date of their pets when making the booking with Walk n Stay.


4) A deposit of 50% is payable when booking. In the case of ongoing contracts, fees can be paid in full either weekly or monthly in advance. If cancellation occurs with over 28 days’ notice, the whole of the deposit will be returned. If cancellation occurs anywhere between date of service and 28 days’ notice, the deposit will be non-refundable.


5) The remaining 50% of fees must be paid at the time of key collection. Payments can be made in cash, bank transfer or cheque (please make payable to Kate Cook).


6) Walk n Stay reserve the right to cancel bookings with reasonable notice, but will refund any deposits received.


7) The Owners must supply enough feed, toys and bedding for the Owner’s dog and ensuring that the Owner’s dog is fully up-to-date with vaccination, worming and flea treatment.


8) Walk n Stay are covered for public liability up to £1m. Walk n Stay will make all reasonable effort to ensure the safety and well-being of pets in our care. However, in the event of death or injury resulting in our actions we are limited to a maximum of £1000. This sum includes any associated financial costs and emotional distress. No further liability will be accepted by Walk n Stay.


9) All reasonable efforts will be made to contact Owner or Owner’s emergency contract in the event of an emergency. However Walk n Stay reserve the right to make decisions regarding Owner’s dog’s health provided it is at all times acting in the best interests of Owner’s dog and on the advice of a veterinary surgeon. If you do not wish to be contacted before your return, please inform us. The initial point of contact for all emergencies must be established before booking commences.


10) The Owner is responsible for payment of any veterinary fees through illness or injury.


11) If the Owner instructs Walk n Stay to exercise Owner’s dog off-lead, the Owner accepts full liability for any loss or damage caused as a results. Owner is financially responsible for an loss or damage to the carer or other dogs.


12) It is the responsibility of the Owner to ensure Walk n Stay has up-to-date information regarding your pet and that Walk n Stay are able to gain the required access to your property for required pet visits. Walk n Stay will hold your keys for the duration of the agreed contract. Keys will be returned on request once Owner returns home. Please inform Walk n Stay if you would like us to hold your keys for future services.


13) If your pet has access to the out doors and should go missing Walk n Stay will inform your emergency contact to discuss the appropriate course of action but will continue with the agree house sit.


14) Where possible Walk n Stay will provide any additional services requested. However Walk n Stay main priority is the animals welfare and care of all the pets and is not liable if any additional services requested are not carried out.


15) All Walk n Stay staff reserve the right to cover each other in the event of illness or holidays at short notice.

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